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        Product Details

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        Undertake customized R & D services for nuclear radiation instruments

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        Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of nuclear radiation detection instruments. The company has many R & D software and hardware engineers who have extensive experience in the field of radiation detection. In order to better serve customers in the industry, our company undertakes customized research and development projects related to nuclear radiation at home and abroad.
        1. The project requirements are mainly for the detection and custom development of X, γ, α, β, and neutron rays.
        2. In case of special requirements, composite detection of temperature, humidity, air pressure, speed measurement and other indicators can be loaded.
        3. It can provide hardware R & D of related measurement items and supporting PC software development.
        4. The supporting PC software can provide the development of C / S (client and server) structure or B / S (browser and server) structure.
        5. If the project involves confidentiality, a confidentiality agreement can be signed.

        Custom Development Company: Shanghai Renri Radiation Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Phone: 021-69515711, 13818065015


        Contact Renri Technology Online:
        Related products undertaking customized R & D services for nuclear radiation instruments:
        • Product name: FD-71A scintillation gamma radiometer

          Product model: FD-71A

          Price: Please consult >> 021-69515711

          Product description: Main use: The predecessor of this instrument, FD-71, was mainly used as a military product for nuclear industry geological survey of radioactive deposits in the 1960s and 1980s. After the military was transferred to civilians, the instrument was widely used in the gamma-ray detection of enterprises, institutions, and other institutions engaged in radioactive work such as the environment, building materials, radiation health, commodity inspection, and irradiation. Features of the instrument: 1. Lightweight, water-repellent, reliable, suitable for field work 2. High sensitivity, indicator indication, intuitive degree 3, low power consumption, long battery life 4, improved on the basis of the successful products of the original state-run 263 factory Made. Skill

          Product keywords: flicker gamma radiation meter, gamma radiation meter, FD71A, building materials, radiation hygiene, commodity inspection, irradiation, radiation measuring instrument

        • Product name: SDM2000U personal dosimeter

          Product model: SDM2000U

          Price: Please consult >> 021-69515711

          Product description: The SDM2000U personal dosimeter uses semiconductor detectors as X and γ detection devices, which can measure individual cumulative dose equivalents and dose equivalent ratios caused by X and γ radiation. Both dose and dose rate data can be read out directly from the LCD. The dosimeter can preset the dose and dose rate alarm thresholds, and sound and light alarms are issued when the threshold is exceeded. The measurement data at the end of the work can be saved, and the data is not lost in case of power failure. The dosimeter automatically detects the battery voltage, and the under voltage symbol can be displayed when under voltage. The main technical indicators of the instrument conform to national and international standards, and it is widely used in industrial non-destructive testing, nuclear power plants, isotope applications, and hospital cobalt treatment.

          Product keywords: personal dosimeter, SDM2000, personal dose, X, γ-ray, semiconductor detector, personal cumulative dose equivalent, dose equivalent rate

        • Product name: IDB-III Thermoluminescence Personal Dosimeter

          Product model: IDB-III

          Price: Please consult >> 021-69515711

          Product description: Thermoluminescence personal dosimeter (TLD) and its detector have the advantages of good energy response, high sensitivity, small environmental impact, easy to use, and can measure various rays such as X, γ, β, and n. Widely used in radiation protection, radiation medicine, radiobiology, geology, archeology and environmental protection. IDB- Ⅲ Thermoluminescence Personal Dosimeter (TLD) and its detector passed the Ministry of Science and Technology's successful identification in 1997, and won the Ministry of Science and Technology Progress Award in 1998. In 2000, it passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and various technical indicators. Even

          Product Keywords: Thermoluminescence Personal Dosimeter, Thermoluminescence, Personal Dosimeter, TLD, Detector, IDB-III

        • Product name: PDM-122γ (X) -ray personal dosimeter

          Product model: PDM122

          Price: Please consult >> 021-69515711

          Product description: PDM-122 type radioactive ray detector is a personal dosimeter for workers engaged in gamma and X-ray irradiation. It is possible to accurately measure the radiation dose to ensure that the radiation dose to the irradiation staff is kept reasonably low. The cumulative dose value is displayed on the LCD. It is suitable for χ or γ personal radioactive detection work in geology, mines, radiation environment, radiation health, commodity inspection, building materials, nuclear power, flaw detection, irradiation and radiation places in scientific research institutes. Product features: 1. Used to detect γ (X) rays 2. Small and exquisite, pen-shaped structure is convenient for users to wear around 3. Digital display,

          Product Keywords: personal dosimeter, personal dosimeter, PDM-122, personal dosimeter

        • Product name: PDM-127 X-ray personal dosimeter

          Product model: PDM127

          Price: Please consult >> 021-69515711

          Product description: Product introduction: This product is suitable for X-ray workers in laboratories, factories (X-Ray), hospitals; X-ray leakage can be detected at any time; cumulative dose can be calculated according to time period. In addition, X-ray leak detectors with energy ranges and various measurement ranges are also available. It is placed in the pocket of a personal shirt, and the amount of X-ray leakage to the human body is detected at any time, and accumulated over time. Product features: 1. Used to detect X-ray 2. Small and exquisite, pen-shaped structure is convenient for users to wear 3. Digital display, easy to read, automatic reading is saved 4, convenient operation Technical parameters 1, radiation detection: χ ray 2, energy threshold : 20kev;

          Product Keywords: X-ray personal dosimeter, pen type dosimeter, PDM-127, PDM117, personal dosimeter

        • Product name: N3010 Neutron Gamma Inspection Instrument

          Product model: N3010

          Price: Please consult >> 021-69515711

          Product description: N3010 is a new type of handheld neutron gamma inspection instrument. It is a new generation of composite detection instrument that integrates neutron, gamma detection and search. The core detector of the instrument is composed of a 6LiI (Eu) scintillation crystal and a CsI (Tl) scintillation crystal, which are respectively coupled with a photodiode. The neutron detector is wrapped with a unique spherical cylindrical moderator, which improves the neutron measurement sensitivity. Applicable occasions: 1. Nuclear facilities, nuclear supervision and radiation protection of “source-related” enterprises and institutions; 2. Law enforcement by environmental monitoring departments; 3. Petroleum and chemical industry

          Product Keywords: Neutron Gamma Inspection Instrument, Neutron Detector, Neutron Inspection Instrument, N3010