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            Dai gem health says online crazy experts say radiation is harmful to humans

            2012/11/14 11:48:15 (Browse times: 2012/11/14 11:48:15)

            "Wearing crystal can bring you positive energy! Different colors, different shapes, and different energies pay attention! Germanium can release negative ions to help people relieve fatigue ..." These are the common slogans in the gem market, and even more Some propagandas have jumped directly from "having health functions to the body" to "having miraculous effects in treating a certain condition". These mysterious and mysterious claims turn the gem, a mineral, magical and energetic. Under normal temperature and normal conditions, can the energy of these colorless and odorless minerals really be transferred to the human body? If the radioactive element contained in it is really released, I am afraid you have to be careful whether it is love or harm to you.

            Mineral energy is difficult to produce under normal temperature and pressure

            An unnamed teacher at a laboratory in the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of China University of Mining and Technology said that gems are minerals and minerals are crystals. The energy they contain is stored in their own lattice in the form of ionic or covalent bonds. In the case of gold and silver jewelry, it stores its energy in the form of metal bonds.

            If people want to use their energy, they need to break their chemical bonds and completely destroy the crystal structure in order to obtain these energy. The energy that can break the chemical bond of a molecule is the bond energy, which is not the same as energy. The bond energies of different substance molecules are different. The metal bond of gold and silver jewelry is relatively not very strong. It is a combination between cations and free electrons. The electrons can move freely, so the metal can conduct electricity. However, the bond between the diamond and the diamond itself is very strong, and it is very difficult to destroy it.

            Imagine a piece of ordinary ore, which requires high external temperature and other effects to turn into liquid or gas. When these crystals are worn by the human body, they are only under normal temperature and pressure, and the chemical bonds of the crystals only maintain their own crystal lattice. They cannot transfer their energy to the human body, nor can they produce positive or negative energy.

            Qualified gemstones whose radiation can be used

            Yu Xiaojin, director of the International Colored Gemstone Association and deputy secretary-general of the China Jewellery and Jade Jewelry Industry Association, said that some people may be wondering if the radioactive energy of the ore may have an effect on the wearer, but the common ore containing radioactive elements is feldspar , Nepheline, orthoclase, potash feldspar, zircon, etc., as well as a small amount of special fluorite, specialized uranium ore, rare earth element ore, etc., their own crystal lattice contains radioactive elements.

            Radioactive materials often appear in acidic magma. For example, the red stone used at home is in danger of containing radioactive materials.

            Every substance has background radiation, but it does not emit radioactivity until it undergoes fusion and fission. Therefore, in the case of relevant gemstone quality inspection, the background radiation dose of the mineral is not harmful to the human body and can be used by people. For example, potassium feldspar can be made into sunstone for decoration, and qualified products do not have excessive radioactive elements.

            ■ Common Gems


            Supplementing human energy is metaphysics

            Li Shizhen said in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" that the crystal is "Xin Han is non-toxic", and he treats "stunned heart heat, can calm eyesight, remove red eyes, relieve heat and swelling, and capricornia", and can also treat "pulmonary pain, empyema, cough "Reverse the air", "Yi hair, Yue color", long-term use can also "light and prolong life." It seems to play a calming and cooling medicinal effect.

            "The main component of crystal and agate is silicon dioxide, which is the same as glass, except that glass is uncrystallized silicon dioxide, and crystal is crystalline silicon dioxide." Yu Xiaojin said that the environment for daily life is full of Various electromagnetic emission sources such as computers, mobile phones, and televisions. From the perspective of physics research, it has been proven that crystals can absorb electromagnetic waves. But as for how much electromagnetic radiation can be absorbed , it is difficult to say. "So Westerners like to put huge crystals in the room and think that they can absorb electromagnetic radiation, but in fact, there are many minerals and gems in nature that have this effect, and it is difficult for us to assess how it can help the human body."

            "Human heart is beating, blood flow, stomach peristalsis and other functions require energy, but the so-called energy of the crystal to migrate to the human body to supplement the human body energy, we think it is metaphysics." Yu Xiaojin said .


            Chromium trioxide is a carcinogen

            "Emerald green is chromium, which contains chromium trioxide. It is not a trace element that is beneficial to the body . It is a substance that can cause cancer . Its material migration takes millions of years to occur, so people say that the emerald green can grow up. Yes, but it is invisible during the lifetime of a person, and wearing it will not transfer it to people. "Yu Xiaojin said.


            It's hard to have evidence to prove that "Yu Yangren"

            Yu Xiaojin believes that it is difficult for the so-called "jade to raise people, and people to raise jade" to produce evidence. In addition to the cooling effect of jade bed, it is hard to say that it has health-care functions for the human body. Rubbing the skin with jade may cause the blood flow to speed up. The so-called flowing water does not rot the awkwardness and the psychological effect, I think jade can have the effect of maintaining the skin.


            Just ordinary acupuncture tools

            Germanium is said to release negative ions and reduce fatigue. "Germanite was used as an acupuncture tool in the Han Dynasty. Germanium stone itself is a argillaceous limestone. The mineral component of limestone is calcite. It is the crystal of calcium carbonate. Calcium is a nutrient element required by the human body. It is difficult to say whether calcium titanate can be put into the human body. At normal temperature and pressure, it takes tens of thousands of years for a substance to migrate by one micrometer. This kind of migration cannot be achieved in a short life. "

            Yu Xiaojin explained that argillaceous limestone is generally a chemical deposit formed in shallow sea locations. It is unknown whether there are related substances in the clay material that can play an adsorption and migration role, but he believes that germanite is more a hard substance to stimulate acupoints. To stimulate blood circulation.

            In addition, the toughness of limestone is better than ordinary rocks, and it can be easily processed into various shapes. It is not too soft and deformed or cracked during scraping and acupuncture. It is not a trace element of germanium.

            ■ Expert opinion

            Mineral radioactivity does not improve health

            ● Shenzheng Guan, Professor of School of Geographical Sciences, Nanjing Normal University

            These are metaphysics, where does the energy of minerals come from? How can it be transmitted to people, anyone with knowledge of secondary physics knows that this is not possible. In the past, the noble emperor wore so many jade and gemstones. The emperor did not live longer than ordinary people. There is no convincing solid data to prove the health effect of minerals, not to mention cure. These are hype and Because people psychologically need to make up the statement. It is misleading to say that the radioactivity of minerals can improve the immune system of the human body . Radioactivity is generally harmful to the human body. In the 19th century, people were superstitious that radioactivity was good for the human body.

            Chang expects to be susceptible to disease in marble environments

            ● Liao Lei, Secretary General of China Mining Federation of Natural Mineral Water Committee

            The mineral elements and components in the ore are different from mineral water that can be taken into the human body and enter the blood. It is impossible to improve the human microcirculation by wearing minerals such as crystals and dzi.

            The trace radioactive elements carried in minerals, such as marble, petrified wood, and granite, are highly radioactive, and it has long been expected that in such an environment, it is easy to induce disease and cause injury. But from a scientific perspective, something harmful must have a beneficial side. A small amount of radioactivity has certain benefits to the human body, such as trace radioactive elements in some hot springs, but gems such as crystals do not have this effect.

            ■ Doctor speaks

            Gem radiation is not enough to penetrate the skin

            ● Shen Wenjiang, Chief Physician, Department of Radiation Therapy, Peking University First Hospital

            Some scientific research results have proved that small doses of radioactivity can enhance immune function. But it is unrealistic to say that diamonds, gems, crystals, etc. have such an effect of improving immune function. It takes a certain depth for the rays to penetrate into the human body, and all the radiation of the gem is not enough to penetrate the skin. However, long-term exposure to a certain dose of radiation may be harmful to the body, such as the natural radiation of marble in the home decoration, which increases the amount of radiation in the house and harms the body.

            Source: Beijing News


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